Why you should vote for Stacey Eads

Only two candidates running for District Attorney have twenty year’s experience as lawyers: Stacey Eads and Michael Acosta.

I’ve been a Humboldt County deputy district attorney since 2013, longer than any current attorney except Stacey Eads; and I’ve been an attorney since 2004. I have prosecuted more than half a dozen murder trials. When Maggie Fleming announced her retirement, many prosecutors, officers, defense attorneys, and community members asked if I was running for District Attorney. My answer was always: No, I’m supporting Stacey Eads.

Stacey Eads has my support to be Humboldt’s next District Attorney, and she’s supported by more than ten other prosecutors in this office, including every prosecutor with more than five years experience. She has prosecuted serious and violent felony charges here in Humboldt for over twenty years. Stacey has done more to protect our most vulnerable citizens, including children and survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence, than any other candidate. Stacey has done more to give a voice to the voiceless than any other candidate. Stacey has been more transparent than any other candidate; she’s the only one to list her trial results publicly for everyone to see. Stacey is the only candidate whose platform includes holding offenders responsible for the property damage and rampant theft that plagues our communities.

Mr. Kamada has done fewer than a dozen trials and failed in more than half of them. Mr. Kamada has not released his trial history as a prosecutor – transparency would shine a light on his inexperience and ineptitude. It’s pure hubris that he thinks he knows how to evaluate cases and is capable of allocating department resources, with fewer than six year’s experience as a prosecutor. He can’t even keep his own office in order; when he was dismissed from the office, staff spent days sorting the files and evidence scattered about his desk and bookshelves. And speaking of his dismissal, he still hasn’t signed the waiver of confidentiality that would give the public a transparent view of his conduct leading to his firing. It’s easy to talk about transparency. It’s another thing to be transparent.

I don’t want anyone to think I have an axe to grind against Mr. Kamada. We have always been friendly. I’ve spent the day fishing with him out on Humboldt Bay. I’ve been to his house on Sunday while my kids were at Sunday school. But this election isn’t about personal relationships. It’s about protecting our community, our families, our kids.”

Roger Rees, Deputy District Attorney