”Stacey has worked under three District Attorneys with very different perspectives and approaches to their jobs and she managed to stay committed to her work throughout. She has a quiet persistence and focus that speaks to her character and to the kind of public official we can expect to see.“

—Susan Seaman, Mayor of Eureka

Paul Sequeira

Paul Sequeira, Chief Deputy District Attorney Solano County

Assistant District Attorney Stacey Eads has earned the opportunity to be the next District Attorney of Humboldt County. She has done it the old fashioned way: gaining experience through hard work and dedication, mainly prosecuting the most serious crimes against our most vulnerable victims, children.

In 2015 I was appointed as the special prosecutor in the Jason Warren double homicide trial. While working in the Humboldt County DA’s Office, I observed Stacey Eads as a smart, efficient and tireless advocate for crime victims, leading by example with integrity. In contrast, one of her challengers is a deputy public defender—but not any old defense lawyer. He was previously fired from the DA’s Office because he couldn’t follow its ethical guidelines. He believed it proper to have secret “off the record” conversations with homicide witnesses. Despite clear direction from the DA supported by published guidelines and the opinions of experienced prosecutors throughout the state (including myself, with 38 years of experience supervising hundreds of prosecutors) that this could have disastrous results including sanctions for ethical violations and dismissed cases, he continued to defend his conduct with implausible explanations.

The District Attorney’s authority to charge and prosecute crimes must be wielded by someone we can count on Please join my family in Ferndale—and everyone else who recognizes the importance of ability and integrity—in voting for Stacey Eads for District Attorney

Paul Sequeira, Chief Deputy District Attorney Solano County

Wes Keat

I have known Stacey Eads for more than 20 years and had a professional acquaintance with the other District Attorney candidates for some time. Ms. Eads is clearly the superior in judgement, experience and ability. She is possessed of essential decency and common sense. She has an exemplary track record of obtaining justice and a singular talent for getting things done. She is the only reasonable choice.

Wes Keat, Humboldt County Assistant District Attorney, Retired

Kathleen Bryson

Many people ask me why I, a busy criminal defense attorney, would endorse a tough career prosecutor like Stacey Eads as Humboldt County’s next District Attorney. Surely, it would be better for me and my clients if the competition were inexperienced. Right? Wrong.

Kathleen Bryson, testimonial for Stacey Eads

Of course, I want to have a good relationship with the DA’s office so that I can get good deals for my numerous clients. This fact is not just true for me, but for every criminal defense attorney that has ever breathed in this county or any other. I must back the right horse in the race to facilitate a strong relationship. Stacey is the clear favorite and has earned it over the last 21 years.

However, there is a much more pressing reason. I am a mother, friend, colleague, artist, sister, and (ex)wife in Humboldt. So, I want our county to be safe. I want our District Attorney’s office to fight for victims (as I may be one someday), and I want to confront deputy district attorneys who are organized and professional and don’t waste my time. Attorneys are like anyone else, although oftentimes more argumentative. They will not work for someone, or take instruction from someone, with less experience than they. If Stacey Eads is at the helm, then the experience in the office will stay. If she leaves, and someone with less experience and ability comes in, then our county will lose its deputies. Not overnight, as our deputies are committed to this vital work, but it will eventually happen.

Then, all of Humboldt loses. For all the above, it is imperative that we Vote Stacey Eads for District Attorney on June 7th.

Kathleen Bryson, Attorney


Tedd Childs

testimonial by Tedd Childs for Stacey Eads District Attorney

As a former employee of the District Attorney’s office who worked with both Stacey Eads and Adrian Kamada, I am very happy to support Stacey. She has shown a dedication to Humboldt County by returning after graduating law school, taking a job in the D.A.’s office, growing and advancing up the ranks. She has participated in and prosecuted some of the more sensitive and difficult cases to pass through our court system with grace. During my time in the D.A.’s office anytime I came to her needing something for my position, or just a question, she always took the time to help. It is her professionalism, experience and leadership abilities that make her the right choice, so please join me and cast your vote for Stacey Eads!

Tedd Childs

Jennifer Hovie

I’ve worked with Stacey for more than 5 years in my role as a sexual assault nurse examiner. I’m continually impressed with her dedication, compassion, and tireless work seeking justice for the victims of assault in our community.
enlarged testimonial, Jennifer Hovie

I’ve witnessed Stacey’s collaborations with other agencies and the excellent working relationships that she has built. Stacey embodies many qualities that I consider crucial in a district attorney — she is strong, ethical, self-assured, and dedicated to making Humboldt County a safer place to work and live.
I’m proud to endorse Stacey Eads for Humboldt County District Attorney and look forward to working with her as district attorney.

Jennifer Hovie, RN, SART Nurse, 2022 Recipient of the Values in Action Award

Melinda Ciarabellini

I proudly support Assistant District Attorney Stacey Eads as our next Humboldt County District Attorney. Recently, I had the opportunity to listen to a presentation by ADA Stacey Eads on the topic and issues related to human trafficking and child abuse in Humboldt County. Sadly, our county has a high rate of children who are at-risk and vulnerable to abuse. ADA Eads is the lead prosecutor and oversees the Sexual Assault and Child Abuse Crimes Prosecution Team (CAST). It was apparent, as ADA Eads presented these facts and gave examples of real-life cases of such horrific crimes against children in Humboldt County, that her passion and commitment to achieving justice for the young victims in these cases, while providing a safe and supportive environment for them, was her top priority.

ADA Eads has over 20 years as an experienced prosecutor in the Humboldt County DA’s Office. She has a broad spectrum of prosecutorial experience from misdemeanors to serious, violent felonies. As the ADA, Ms. Eads also has administrative experience that her opponents do not have. She is committed to retaining and recruiting a professional, ethical team of prosecutors. The outcome of this election may put current priorities in jeopardy. If you agree that our children deserve the attention, compassion, and resources dedicated through the DA’s Office, Victim Witness, CAST and other coordinated County services, there is clearly no other choice than to elect ADA Stacey Eads as our next District Attorney.

Melinda Ciarabellini

Pamlyn Millsap

I am endorsing Stacey Eads for our next District Attorney. I have watched her work on many very difficult cases over the years and she always does so with both compassion and determination. Stacey wants everyone treated fairly, both victim and suspect. I have also watched Stacey work with very resistant individuals who were afraid to testify for fear of retaliation or being responsible for sending someone to jail or prison. Stacey has always been respectful of a victim’s concerns and tries to help them feel comfortable with the court process. I also know that to Stacey every Humboldt County resident matters!​​

Pamlyn Millsap enlarged testimonial

As an example, a few years ago a woman was strangled by her boyfriend. They had kids together and the woman had a mental illness and was isolated from her family and any other support here in Humboldt. He admitted to the strangulation attempt to Law Enforcement. It was his second time strangling her. He was the one who told them that. Stacey worked with the woman to get her the services she needed in place to feel strong enough to stand up and say how afraid she was. The boyfriend went to jail for his crime and that woman is probably alive today due to the way Stacey handled that case.
She has my vote of confidence that she will make a great DA for all of us!

Pamlyn Millsap

Roger Rees

Why you should vote for Stacey Eads
Only two candidates running for District Attorney have twenty year’s experience as lawyers: Stacey Eads and Michael Acosta.

I’ve been a Humboldt County deputy district attorney since 2013, longer than any current attorney except Stacey Eads; and I’ve been an attorney since 2004. I have prosecuted more than half a dozen murder trials. When Maggie Fleming announced her retirement, many prosecutors, officers, defense attorneys, and community members asked if I was running for District Attorney. My answer was always: No, I’m supporting Stacey Eads.

Stacey Eads has my support to be Humboldt’s next District Attorney, and she’s supported by more than ten other prosecutors in this office, including every prosecutor with more than five years experience. She has prosecuted serious and violent felony charges here in Humboldt for over twenty years. Stacey has done more to protect our most vulnerable citizens, including children and survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence, than any other candidate. Stacey has done more to give a voice to the voiceless than any other candidate. Stacey has been more transparent than any other candidate; she’s the only one to list her trial results publicly for everyone to see. Stacey is the only candidate whose platform includes holding offenders responsible for the property damage and rampant theft that plagues our communities.

Mr. Kamada has done fewer than a dozen trials and failed in more than half of them. Mr. Kamada has not released his trial history as a prosecutor – transparency would shine a light on his inexperience and ineptitude. It’s pure hubris that he thinks he knows how to evaluate cases and is capable of allocating department resources, with fewer than six year’s experience as a prosecutor. He can’t even keep his own office in order; when he was dismissed from the office, staff spent days sorting the files and evidence scattered about his desk and bookshelves. And speaking of his dismissal, he still hasn’t signed the waiver of confidentiality that would give the public a transparent view of his conduct leading to his firing. It’s easy to talk about transparency. It’s another thing to be transparent.

I don’t want anyone to think I have an axe to grind against Mr. Kamada. We have always been friendly. I’ve spent the day fishing with him out on Humboldt Bay. I’ve been to his house on Sunday while my kids were at Sunday school. But this election isn’t about personal relationships. It’s about protecting our community, our families, our kids.

Roger Rees, Deputy District Attorney


Andrew L. Isaac

Stacey Eads, from her first day as a prosecutor, showed that she was an ethical, serious, dedicated, thoughtful person.
enlarged testimonial, Andrew Isaac
Having worked with her from her first day to my last — including the Bullock case — I know her work is always impressive and reliable.
Ms. Eads is gracious — staff and attorneys find her pleasant, approachable, modest.
Ms. Eads treats witnesses, victims, families and co-workers with respect. Child victims, in particular, are in good hands with her.
Ms. Eads prepares thoroughly, delivers professionally.
Her conduct and deportment in court are steady and impeccable.
Ms. Eads is known and respected for her good character, her decency, her rock solid ethical conduct.
She knows the law, she knows the rules. She knows what’s fair and right. She’s lived it.
Ms. Eads’ extensive record of successful jury trials shows her dedication and ability.
Stacey Eads should, hands down, be Humboldt’s next District Attorney.

Andrew L. Isaac, Deputy District Attorney (Retired)

Amy Chastain

Stacey Eads became a name in our house 5 years ago when our lives were turned upside down. Through information from an investigation that lasted over 8 months she made the determination to arrest and prosecute a very dangerous man who severely hurt two innocent children over the course of 4 years. I am the mother of one of the victims. From the day that the arrest was made, Stacey was by our sides every single step of the way. She never backed down regardless of the countless changes in attorneys for the defense, the constant explosions in the courtroom from the accused, the voluminous amount of evidence, or the mistrials for various reasons. Ms. Eads professionally and compassionately met every challenge that came her way in this case. Ultimately, he pleaded guilty to receive a reduced sentence, but the offer was only offered to him after checking in with the victims and deciding it was in their best interest. Stacey didn’t just prosecute in this case, however. She was also there for my child and me always! I knew that if I ever had questions or concerns about absolutely anything that I could reach out and would be immediately heard. There were too many times that I fell apart on the phone or in person crying. Stacey had nothing but compassion and concern for the well-being of my child and me.

I cannot express properly how grateful I am to Stacey Eads and am so happy to be able to say that I fully endorse her for District Attorney! Stacey Eads is the candidate that will fairly and thoroughly go after the “bad guys” all while still caring and showing great compassion for the “good guys”!

Amy Chastain, Teacher

Maggie Fleming endorses Stacey Eads

Zach Zwerdling

I have practiced law continuously in Humboldt County for the past 46 years. I am very happy that Stacey Eads is running for District Attorney and endorse her wholeheartedly.

My office has interacted with Stacey on multiple occasions where we have represented victims of crime in civil lawsuits seeking damages from criminal defendants. At all times when working with Stacey, she was professional, conscientious, and passionate in her deep-seated desire to obtain justice for our clients through the criminal justice system.

Stacey has over 20 years of experience handling the most complex and challenging types of criminal prosecutions including homicide, child molestation, and other violent felonies.

She has shown strong leadership skills and is highly regarded by members of the local bar.
enlarged quote Zach Zwerdling

The fact that Stacey has received the full support and endorsement of current District Attorney, Maggie Fleming, is important. I have practiced law during the tenure of five different District Attorneys. Maggie has stood out as easily the best. The fact that Maggie has offered her support to Stacey gives me confidence that Stacey is the best person for the job.

Please join me in voting for Stacey Eads for District Attorney in June.

Zach Zwerdling

Wayne Cox

From 2007–2021, I had the honor and privilege to work on an almost daily basis with Stacey Eads, a candidate for Humboldt County District Attorney. Through the years, she impressed me with her passion, unrelenting quest for justice, and compassion for victims/survivors and witnesses. Her work ethic, talent, and dedication resulted in her promotion from Deputy District Attorney to Senior Deputy District Attorney and ultimately to her current position as Assistant District Attorney. As Assistant District Attorney, Stacey is keenly aware of the daily duties and management of the District Attorney’s Office and her election as District Attorney would seamlessly carry on the trajectory of the District Attorney’s Office established by District Attorney Maggie Fleming upon her election in 2014.
Despite laws that have made it exceedingly difficult to successfully prosecute guilty parties for their crimes and hold them accountable for their actions, Stacey’s prowess in Superior Court has firmly established herself as the only logical candidate for this esteemed Office.
Please join me in voting for Stacey Eads for Humboldt County District Attorney.

Wayne Cox, Chief Investigator, Humboldt County District Attorney (Retired)

Allan Dollison

From 2006-2013, I worked side by side with Stacey Eads as a fellow Deputy District Attorney. Stacey’s solid abilities and cool and calm demeanor made her a calming presence in court. All the while Stacey was growing her own family and being an outstanding mother to her own children. Stacey always knew the minute issues that were present as I took over a case that she had handled.

Stacey has been the Assistant District Attorney now for several years and Humboldt is lucky that an outstanding leader has agreed to step up and take the reins after Ms. Fleming’s well deserved retirement. I urge all in Humboldt who want fair, judicious and effective prosecutions to keep their community safe to vote for Stacey Eads.

Allan Dollison, former Humboldt County Deputy District Attorney